Lisa Weber – onehundredthirtyfive sunsets every day

With the exhibition onehundredthirtyfive sunsets every day the Caos Art Gallery presents the works by the German artist Lisa Weber (*1985). Among them are three video installations, a series of photography and the webcam installation every sunset (on the 50th degree of latitude). In this work you can see time-shifted sunsets twenty-four hours live. Lisa Weber uses the pictures of webcams round the globe, which are available in the web. For 4 minutes the image shows a sunset somewhere on the 50th degree of latitude. The webcam image stays until the sun has disappeared behind the horizon and then moves on to the next sunset at a different place on the same degree of latitude. Lisa Webers’ work of art deals with time, time dimension and natural phenomena. She shows us every day banalities and moments worn by thousandfold repetition. While focusing on our perception of the passing of time, in moments like the transitions from day to night or from night to day, the work of Lisa Weber point out a reality beyond the banalities of everyday life. The work of Lisa Weber was shown international in different solo and in many group exhibitions. The Caos Art Gallery is presenting Lisa Weber the second time, after her participation in a group show of the media class of Prof. Dieter Kiessling in 2011.

Lisa Weber

onehundredthirtyfive sunsets every day

Caos Art Gallery, Calle Lunga, S. Barnaba, Dorsoduro 2687, Venedig

25.03.2013 – 7.04.2013

Opening on Sunday, march 24th at 7 PM